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"We had the pleasure of working with Margaret from Embark for a year. During this time, she helped our kindergartener with a lisp. Margaret was wonderful to work with. Our son looked forward to his sessions with her. The sessions were done in a way that made it fun and interesting. She worked around our schedule at times and came to our home, which was another plus. Margaret always came with a warm smile and truly helped our son overcome his speech issues. I appreciated the end of session explanations and receiving feedback and options for ways we could help our son at home. We highly recommend Embark and Margaret".


"I really appreciate your skill set. He was seen by other speech therapists for months at a time and this is the first comprehensive diagnosis that we have gotten. The data you provided shed a lot of light on what we have been experiencing with his development at home."


"Mary Beth was a pleasure to work with! She always arrived happy and our son took to her right away. She did a great job of encouraging and fostering his speech in a fun and playful way, so much so that our son was so excited when he saw her every week. In just a couple of months our son made tremendous strides in his speech! We definitely recommend Mary Beth for anyone considering an SLP for their child"


"My 5-year-old son warmed up to Maureen right after the first session. He is always so excited to work with her, it is delightful to see. He has made visible progress and is now much more confident in his speech. Maureen has been superb. She is kind, patient, extremely knowledgeable, and very dedicated. We are so appreciative of her."


"We found Embark through a Facebook search on a "Mom's of LaGrange" group, and I am so very happy we did! We worked with Margaret for one year, and she was absolutely wonderful. My 13 year old son had been struggling with stuttering on and off for years. Margaret was very patient and calm during each session, and tailored her approach perfectly to his needs.  She used tools which were of interest to him, which encouraged him to work hard to meet his speech therapy goals. I received feedback at the end of each session. It was wonderful having someone come to our home! Margaret was flexible to make a schedule that worked well for all of us. We would highly recommend their services!"

- CL

"My son began speech therapy knowing only 25 words.  He has grown so much.  Ms. Maureen was caring and consistent with my son.  He enjoyed going every week and would remind me when his next visit was.  I am so thankful for the care invested in my son!"

- ML

"My son has absolutely loved working with Maureen! His speech skills and confidence have grown by leaps and bounds since beginning his work with her. As a teacher and parent, I am also impressed with how much I have learned from her that has helped my children and students. Maureen's calm, caring demeanor, extensive knowledge of speech development, and teaching ability have made her an asset to our family." 


"Maureen was amazing with our 2-year-old son. She was patient, friendly, and always got the most out of him. She was very attentive, positive and supportive.  My son looked forward to seeing her every week. I would highly recommend Maureen to anyone as they will receive custom-tailored therapy that meets each individual's needs!"


"Maureen worked with our four year old son for several months of 1:1 speech therapy.  When he started with her, his speech was very under-developed for his age.  Over the course of his therapy we saw marked improvements in his verbal communication, speech, and comprehension.  Maureen connected with our son immediately and was able to work with him, fostering a safe, friendly and fun environment.  He trusted and developed a fondness for her very quickly, to the point where he would hop & skip to his sessions, thinking of them more as play dates with a friend.  I'd recommend her services to anyone. She was professional, skilled, compassionate and communicative at all times. Our experience was overwhelmingly positive!"

- JA

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