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Our Services

– Speech Sound Disorders (Articulation and Phonological Disorders)

– Receptive and Expressive Language Disorders

– Early Intervention and Late Talkers

– ​Autism Spectrum Disorder

– Apraxia of Speech

– ​Reading Comprehension

– Executive Functioning Skills

– Pragmatic and Social Communication Challenges

– Fluency Disorders (stuttering)

– ​Developmental Delays or Language-Based Learning Difficulties

– Feeding and Swallowing

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​The evaluation process is effective and comprehensive. The following will take place: First, we will consult with you prior to the evaluation to understand any communication concerns. Then we will prepare to conduct a variety of assessments (play observation, informal assessments, checklists, formal assessments) based on your child's needs.  The evaluation will take place in your home, off-site daycare, clinic, or via tele-therapy.  After that, we will generate a thorough report to determine whether your child qualifies for speech and language services.  If your child qualifies for services, we'll develop an individualized treatment plan.  This will include goals for the child to work toward to build successful communication skills! 


​ One of the best things parents can do is advocate for their child. I am happy to provide a 15-minute complimentary phone consultation to discuss your specific concerns and determine if a formal evaluation is warranted at this time. 

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Treatment: 45 minutes

We will work together to create a comprehensive treatment plan based on results of the evaluation. Individual therapy will be implemented in your home, off-site daycare, clinic, or via tele-therapy, depending on your child's and your family's needs. The therapy approach will be specialized according to your child's speech and/or language goals.  We combine the strengths and needs of your child with fun, motivating activities that match your child's interests to build effective therapy sessions that produce results.  We also encourage open communication and collaboration between the therapist and family; and if the family chooses, the child's teachers, doctors, and/or other therapists. A treatment session basically looks like a fun one-on-one playdate while targeting your child's treatment goals! 


Toddler Classes: 45 minutes
Little Mingle Masters: 18 months - 36 months
Mingle Masters: 3-5 year olds

Unlock your child's potential with our small and intimate toddler talking classes at Embark Speech Therapy. Often times, there is such a WIDE range of skills in toddler talking classes. This doesn't allow for true growth of language development. Therefore, we only allow up to 3 toddlers at a time in each class led by a speech therapist. In this cozy, small-group setting, your child will be able to receive individual attention and encouragement from our experienced speech therapists, helping them build confidence and language abilities at their own pace. It is an opportunity for your child to participate in free play with other toddlers while the speech therapist targets turn taking, social play, requesting, commenting, imitating, and overall language development! Do you have a neighbor or friend who has a toddler too? This is a perfect opportunity for the children to participate in a language enriching opportunity! Email to enroll.

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Building Toddler Confidence Through Social Play
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